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New Chef and Tapas Menu, The Restaurant, Subang

Eugenie Chan and Monica Tindall
Driving into The Club, you feel as if you’ve stumbled into a secret hiding place. Ample parking is an immediate bonus, and a short tree-lined stroll soon has you in the sophisticated lobby. Immediately, the outside hustle and bustle is forgotten as the mind is swiftly whisked into resort mode. The pressures of the street are lifted and thoughts of deadlines, schedules and commitments are soon replaced with peaceful notions of clean air, abundance of space and a sense of care.
Just beyond the lobby, and sharing the same pleasant views over a cascading pond and manicured gardens, lies The Restaurant. The interior is relaxed, yet luxurious, with warm marble tones and dark wood accents. The al fresco patio is a popular spot early evening, while the elegant indoor dining area provides air-conditioned comfort.
The Club Saujana Resort
The Restaurant
Chef Ryan Arboleda, the new Chef De Cuisine, combines his Philippine heritage with his home country New Zealand to gift guests with the best of two worlds – explosive Asian flavours with high importance placed on top quality ingredients and delightful plating. With more than 14 years of international culinary experience, chef Ryan promises to impress with meticulous care in preparation and creative flare injected into familiar recipes in his introductory menu of Modern Asian Street Tapas.
We start the night with a platter of small bites: Steamed Bao served with Char Grilled Beef, Hoisin Sauce and Mung Bean Salad (2pcs, RM19); Thai Chicken Larb Tacos with Mint and Toasted Rice Dressing (3pcs, RM18); Salmon Tostada with Guacamole and Chilli (2pcs, RM25); and Spiced Tempura Prawns with Passionfruit and Chilli Coulis (2pcs, RM22). Particularly outstanding are the tacos and the salmon tostadas – both are given a significant boost with a gentle squeeze of lime. The prawns, speared by a skewer, are also devoured all too easily and the sweet, spicy, fruity sauce is mopped up until the very last drop.
The Club Saujana Resort
Steamed Bao served with Char Grilled Beef, Hoisin Sauce and Mung Bean Salad
The Club Saujana Resort
Thai Chicken Larb Tacos with Mint and Toasted Rice Dressing
The Club Saujana Resort
Salmon Tostada with Guacamole and Chilli
The Club Saujana Resort
Spiced Tempura Prawns with Passionfruit and Chilli Coulis
Part of the larger plates tapas menu, Korean BBQ Style Duck with Grilled Pear, Kim Chi and Roasted Broccoli Puree (RM35) is a must. The duck comes in soft succulent slices and should be taken with a morsel of each of the accompaniments in a single bite. Each lends their own subtle flavor and texture forming a balance of deliciousness in the mouth.
The Club Saujana Resort
Korean BBQ Style Duck with Grilled Pear, Kim Chi and Roasted Broccoli Puree
Another must-try dish is the Seared Scallops with Thai Chu Chee Sauce, Pineapple Tandoori Chicken and Mint Raita. Plump supple scallops assemble the length of a rectangular plate on which pools a vibrant and wonderfully creamy Thai orange curry sauce. The delicate scallops melt in the mouth, while the sauce ensures a strong kick to the back of the throat. It’s a seductive play with the taste buds, one that is effortlessly succumbed to.
The Club Saujana Resort
Seared Scallops with Thai Chu Chee Sauce, Pineapple Tandoori Chicken and Mint Raita
Just as we think chef Ryan has presented his knock-out dish, along comes the Poached Coconut Cod, Massaman Curry and Papaya Salad (RM45). Moist flaky fish is a prime example of how precisely cod should be cooked and how sumptuous it can be when done right. The rich and addictive curry could easily be eaten on its own, or mopped up with spoonfuls of rice. Tangy young papaya salad offers a crunch and a fresh break from the intensity of the sauce. Fish, salad and sauce play a beautiful harmony together, and we declare this dish another one that merits repeat orders.
The Club Saujana Resort
Poached Coconut Cod, Massaman Curry and Papaya Salad
The Club Saujana Resort
Fried Rice
Tapas and wine are not usually found apart and The Club Saujana Resort has not forgotten this essential partnership. Besides an admirable menu of both old and new world wines across a range of affordability, the property has carefully chosen, in conjunction with Frankland Estate, Margaret River, six fine wines that pair extraordinarily well with food. Priced very reasonably they are available by the glass and bottle. Read more about the wines, our tasting notes and most preferred drops via this link.
The Club Saujana Resort
Saujana Wine
Reasons to visit: beautiful setting; gracious service; Seared Scallops with Thai Chu Chee Sauce; Korean BBQ Style Duck; Thai Chicken Larb Tacos; must not miss the Poached Coconut Cod, Massaman Curry and Papaya Salad; excellent selection of bespoke wines of the house.
The Restaurant
The Club, Saujana Hotels and Resort
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS
40150 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan
+6 03 7840 5288
Open: 6.30 am to 11.00pm (Monday to Saturday) 6.30 am to 10.30am (Sunday)
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  1. Very tropically exotic.
    Ryan Arboleda – that is a combination – Kiwi/Filipino.
    His duck dish really appeals to me.
    I guess he should be pretty good cooking and presenting lamb dishes.
    NZ lamb is delicious.
    I believe tender lamb dishes are best from areas where it is colder and
    Southern Aussie lamb – Victorian and Tasmanian lamb is much tastier
    and unfortunately a bit more expensive.
    A really beautiful day here – I have a feeling that summer might be a scorcher
    this year.
    Good to note that you avoided the coconuts when lazing about at that last resort
    El Colin Cordobes, the middle one.
    PS: Is Junior Cordobes back yet from his Caribbean adventure???

    • The duck was very moist. My pick though are the scallops – they were so succulent and the sauce almost addictive.
      Can't beat mum's lamb roast though… The latest thing we hear about over here is lamb raised on salt bush from SA? Heard of that?
      Good to hear the weather is looking good. It seems so unpredictable when I go home – one Christmas eve it was 15 degrees and the next 42!
      Yep, junior has returned. Not so much fun in Venezuela. Crime rate is extremely high. He's happy to be back in KL.

    • Nope – lamb raised on salt bush, not heard of that.
      Seems feasible in SA – north up from eg; Burra etc.
      Pretty dry conditions prevail in SA, so I am not surprised.
      Camels, feral goats etc seem to thrive on salt bush.
      Yes I had heard that crime was a major problem in Venezuela.
      I think corruption is atrocious there from top ( especially) to the lower
      El Colin Cordobes, the middle on.

  2. The fried rice and the duck dish look very mouthwatering. The ambiance is so soothing and lovely and the presentations are beautiful.

  3. Lovely tapas. I'd go for the duck…and the scallops. Coconut cod sounds good…

  4. Love tapas… I would go for the Spiced Tempura Prawns with Passion fruit  (adore passionfruit)…
    and the Salmon Tostada with Guacamole (yesterday I had this for lunch ;-))))
    This is my type of venue "secret hiding place" and "outside hustle and bustle is forgotten immediately." You really have an awful life!!!

  5. How delicious! I wish I could reach in and grab some of those bbq duck breast slices!

  6. Yummm… Look at their scallops! So juicy 🙂

  7. Scallops and prawns with fried rice makes my mouth water.
    Can't come at duck! A long nice story..

  8. Those prawns are huge! And they do look delicious. I'm still drawn to the picture of the resort…looks so lush and green!

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