Child Friendly Cafes in Bangkok

Top Five Child Friendly Cafes in Bangkok, Thailand

Expat, mom and food lover, Beth Queeney Dressler, shares her top five lunch choices with a four year old in Bangkok. 

1. Cafe Tartine – The best “make your own” salads in Bangkok and a killer latte for mom and dad. Great kids menu including pasta, turkey and cheese sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches and excellent watermelon smoothies for the kids. Crayons and coloring sheets and cartoons playing on the TV keep the kids entertained.
2. Chu  – Need a decadent hot or iced chocolate? Go to Chu!  Great drinks (chocolate so thick and rich) and excellent food choices.
3. The Bangkok Baking Company – Located in the JW Marriott Bangkok, this cafe has one of the best breakfasts in town! Excellent kid’s menu with tasty pancakes and fruit shakes (ask for the syrup on the side unless you want your little one bouncing off the walls for hours on end). The coffee and food choices for adults are great. An added bonus are the crayons and activity sheet for the kids, and flawless JW Marriott service.
4. The Taco Truck from La Monita – Visit Underwater World (the aquarium in Bangkok) and then head upstairs to Siam Paragon’s food court for some tacos and quesadillas. Fab kids menu with the draw of eating at a truck in the middle of a mall!
5. The Firehouse Pub and Restaurant – Some of the best burgers in town (the Bangkok Burger Company is another one of our favs). The kids’ menu includes small burgers, hot dogs, and ham and cheese sandwiches. Excellent service that includes activity sheets and crayons for the kids.
Bonus: Bangkok Burger Company –  There’s an outlet in Siam Paragon next to the taco truck, so two visits to the aquarium might be necessary!
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