Ribs by Vintry, Damansara, Malaysia

Ribs by Vintry, Damansara, Malaysia

Ribs and wine – one stop – at Ribs by Vintry, Damansara Heights. A relaxed atmosphere (yes please do eat your ribs with your fingers letting the sauce drip down to your elbows and a sticky tongue dabbing ring of sauce develop around your lips and up to your cheeks), cosy set up and a fantastic wine selection make for a comforting and tummy satisfying evening with friends or family. You already know the two reasons to visit – ribs and wine. Starting with ribs, the waiter told us that the braised ribs are the most ‘special’ but our table thought the BBQ pork ribs and the butter cream pork ribs gave them a good run for that honour. Portions are generous and accompanied with some type of vegetable most often mashed potato and coleslaw. Around 50RM will get you a large rack of ribs enough to share or to take home some leftovers. If you are only going along to accompany the carnivore in your life there are a number of other menu options that won’t leave you needing a coronary cleaning before midnight. The Vintry house salad is pretty filling, packed with fresh leaves, cherry and sun dried tomatoes, olives and a tangy papaya dressing. You could also easily just nibble on the cheese platter while blissfully sipping away your hand chosen bottle of wine. Get a recommendation from the trained waitstaff or walk around the racks and coolroom to see for yourself the great assortment of award winning wines from around the world. A decent bottle of wine starts from around 70RM and there is no corkage for wine purchased from the cellar.
Ribs by Vintry
120-122 Jalan Kasah
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur

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