Quotes about The Yum List from hotels, restaurants, spas and bars.

“The Yum List has featured totally independent restaurant and hotel reviews for my clients. At all times, the blog has been professional, truthful and articulate in its views. The blogger, Monica, writes passionately and her reviews are always very thorough. Organised and professional, The Yum List is a must for any expat who wants to read honestly written articles about the F&B and travel scene in Asia. It’s also a must for clients looking for exposure to the expat audience in South East Asia.”
Poppy Mason-Watts,
Public Relations Manager, Mango PR (written after The Yum List reviewed their client Raffles)

“The Yum List is serious about what they do, the review was well written and Monica managed to capture things that we didn’t realize were there in the first place. She really brings the best out of us and our products. After the post went online, we immediately received inquiries through our website and emails, all said that they read the post and would like to experience the resort themselves. Talk about instant result! Thank you The Yum List for the great review and we’re looking forward to having you with us again”
Aswin Pranoto,
Director of Sales – Communications, Grand Nikko Bali

“The Yum List has in the past few years grown to become the go-to-guide for not just expats in Malaysia but Malaysians (like myself) looking for topnotch dining experiences and getaways within the country and around the region. Monica and her team are dedicated to understanding and showcasing the product as best possible in terms of writing, standout photography and deliver their review in a fair, approachable and very timely fashion.”
Aja Ng,
Marketing and Communications Manager, YTL Hotels, Malaysia

“Monica Tindall’s hard work and professionalism has seen The Yum List evolve from its early days to becoming the country’s most recognised and trusted food and lifestyle blogs. I’ve always been a fan of The Yum List as Monica constantly brings creativity to the table with her pictures, topics and writing-style, which is why the blog is so highly effective.”
Nigel Gan,
Public Relations Manager, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

“I’ve worked with Monica and her friends for the last two years. They are a few of the loveliest people I’ve ever met! They deliver what they promise in time with great writing styles and excellent photo quality. Knowing that The Yum List has a significant reader base, it has definitely influenced the readers’ decision to drop by Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur to take on a culinary journey. A clients once told me: “I didn’t know Pavilions Lounge served English afternoon tea until I read about it on The Yum List.”
Shirley Khor,
Marketing Communications Manager, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

“It is a great working experience getting to know Monica and her team of talented and passionate writers at The Yum list. The blog is an amazing site to get the latest highlights on the hotel, food and beverage scene. The reviews on The Yum List are always well written and more importantly, from an avid foodie’s point of view. Photographs are taken personally by Monica and, the images that are selected to complement the articles never fails to entice readers. This then naturally generates interests among our fans when The Yum List’s reviews are shared on the hotel’s social media platforms. Definitely looking forward to working with The Yum List team more often.”
Ann Lam,
Marketing Communications Manager Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

“There was a noticeable spike in business after the article was published. This can only be attributed to the awesome photos and well written article by Monica and her team at The Yum List.”  –
Michael Helfman,
owner Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

“The Yum List is a great space to be a part of as it provides all businesses an opportunity to
improve and be acknowledged by honest and great feedback by this great team. Magnificent photos of our products and cafe has brought us a new wave of clientele and we can’t thank The Yum List enough!”

Dexter Song, owner Burps and Giggles, Missing Marbles and Bits and Bobs, Ipoh.

“Mediteca KL is honoured to be on The Yum List with genuine reviews and constructive explanations. Monica puts a lot of effort in taking her photographs, making sure she delivers the right message to the readers. As the saying goes “A picture speaks a thousands words.” We’ve had plenty of inquiries from The Yum List’s readers, especially after Mediteca was nominated as the Best Value Saturday Buffet Brunch in KL 2013-2014, by The Yum List”
Elaine Chee,
PR Manager Island Group Kuala Lumpur

“Here at Via Group (viaforever.com), as restaurant owners, we build up our brand with passion and so does The Yum List. They’re passionate about what they’re doing and how they write it. I normally don’t like reviewer and bloggers, but THE YUM LIST is a quality one!”
Max Ranauro,
Vineria KL & Via Pre Penang, founder of the VIA group.

“Thanks again for all your assistance, we are delighted with the invaluable service you provide in introducing La Mexicana to new guests and of course keeping existing guests informed of new developments. We have found the service you provide to be of the highest quality in terms of the writing and photography and the overall care you take in the look of your blog. You invariably manage to engage your readers in the experience and we find the reaction we have from your blog to be without parallel for our market segment. Congratulations to you and your team and we look forward to a long and prosperous future together. Viva La Mexicana! Viva Mexico! Viva The Yum List!” -
Stephen Dennison,
Managing Director, La Mexicana Restaurant.

“Monica is simply a wonderful blogger! Besides writing fantastic reviews with great pictures, Monica creates insightful articles with constant engagement with her followers through her blog and social media platform and, this makes her one of the most influential food and travel writers I work with.”
Pugeneswary Mudukasan,
Marcom Manager, Best Western Premier Dua Sentral

“Our association with The Yum List goes back to the very start of our restaurant back in 2012. Being a newbie restaurateur, and located in a newly completed building as a standalone restaurant, we threw open our doors with little fanfare. Somehow, The Yum List managed to sniff us down and came to visit, the first of many more to come. We felt encouraged by what was written, which boosted visitors who had never heard of us, and sought us out in this then unknown building.  It wasn’t just the well-written reviews which captured the very essence of what the food tasted like, but also the idea behind our creations. The back stories, choice of ingredients and cooking method. And then there were the beautifully shot pictures! They gave temptations to our food visually.  Thank you The Yum List, for giving us a breakout moment!”
Andrew Wong,
Owner Acme Bar and Coffee.

Over the last few years, The Yum List has a become the best references on where to go for dining in Malaysia as the reviews provide very valuable information on what to expect from a restaurant and helps you to make your choice for the night. Both pictures and write-ups encourage the reader to discover new places and food propositions and have a really good impact on the restaurant’s number of visitors.”
Nicolas Fraile,
Owner Pisco Bar

“The Yum List’s review of our establishment gave us immense exposure, which we are enjoying even to this day, many months after it was published. Their honestly written and tastefully photographed articles presented us to their (vast and well-deserved) readership in a most professional and informative manner. I am hard-pressed to name a better platform – or a more amiable group of people – than The Yum List. It’s no wonder they have a reputation as one of the best online references you could find.”
Justin Wong,
Owner and Chef, Miss Ellie Tea House

“We love reading The Yum List as it’s constantly updated with new and valuable content.  Monica provides reviews with an interesting write up, vivid photography and she’s also honest about her thoughts!  Always in her bubbly self, Monica brings great energy to all the people who works along with her.”
Elisa Saw, Director of Marketing, Prince Hotel and Residences Kuala Lumpur

“The Yum List to us at Fierce Restaurants is one of the most amazing food blogs out there! Whenever we get a review up on their site we know that we’re gonna be busy the day it goes live with their incredible readership. The quality in which they write about us or other restaurants reflects directly on Monica and her team of bloggers in depth knowledge of restaurants and lifestyle products. They also take pride in the photographs they take as that completely reflects on their understanding of “first impressions” when one reads their blog. Illustrations play a big role in a blogs ability to make their readers salivate and us at Fierce Curry House and Fiercer by Fierce Curry House love to make people salivate! Thank you to Monica Tindall and The Yum List for their commitment to fair reviews and constructive criticism! All the best from Fierce Restaurants!”
Herukh Jethwani,
Owner Fierce and Fiercer, Kuala Lumpur.

“The Yum List is the best thing that has come to Malaysia! It’s an honest reporting of new and existing restaurants and hotels. The hospitality scene is changing so fast, we need Monica’s constant updates. It’s more than a blog, it’s an online magazine, with precise writing, and excellent and abundant photos. I use it for checking out new destinations and even if I do a general Google search, say, on a new café or hotel, The Yum List always comes out on the first page. Congratulations Monica for adding excitement and facts to the Malaysian market.”
Narelle McMurtrie,

Owner Bon Ton and Temple Tree Langkawi, China House Penang

“Having hosted The Yum
List on two different occasions in two different high-end properties, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of witnessing first hand Monica’s inspiring reviews. With an incredibly dynamic approach, Monica is a true “critic in motion” with an impressive level of detail. Fuelled by genuine curiosity and eagerness to learn, she writes down notes and takes photos simultaneously as the experiences take place. The results are authentic, honest and unique reviews, inspired by the senses and captured in real time.”

Ricardo Gomez,
Marketing Director Heathrow Windsor Marriott (formerly Westin Langkawi and Karma Kandara Bali).

“Monica really captures the beauty of every dish and leaves our mouths watering. Her eloquent and detailed reviews are a pure pleasure to read, and more so, gets readers wanting to try the food. That’s what we noticed in our business. Our sales after the post on The Yum List were measurably higher! We love the Yum List… and Monica :-))”
Elke Wollschon,
Owner/ Director Delicious Detox Delivery

“The work of The Yum List was absolutely great! They wrote very detailed articles and took wonderful pictures which captured the essence of the dishes of La Scala. Working with Monica has been a pleasure since she puts passion in everything she does. Do not hesitate to contact The Yum List for a stunning food review!”
Francesco Argento,
Marketing Manager, La Scala

“When Monica first came to Suffolk House, she was so delightful and kind that one simply can not pull out all the stops for her. When she tasted my Butter Fudge with Salted Vanilla Flakes she predicted it would become our signature. We have had people call from Singapore requesting it be sent over. This is the Yum List Effect! Thanks Monica!” –
Gordon Robertson,
Executive Chef, Suffolk House