Best of the month in KL

Grano Pasta Bar APW

Grano Pasta Bar @APW, Handmade Pasta Bangsar

Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan Since our first meal at Grano Pasta Bar @APW I’ve been salivating to return. Introduced to the menu with a natural wine paired dinner, I appreciated the care with which each dish was prepared and the noticeable sense o…

Sunrise Heartland Wines

9 Vines Wine Festival, Ampang + Free Tickets

Stamping Your Wine Passport: Travel in a Bottle Words: Claire Matheson Photos: Monica Tindall The wine glints a deep purple-red in the glass as it catches the soft light. Swirling softly around the bowl, it glides up to the rim before falling back again, leaving it…

Mango Margarita

Nadodi Kuala Lumpur, Fine Dining Restaurant KL

Words: Patricia Podorsek Photos: Monica Tindall When Monica contacted me with the possibility of going back to Nadodi Kuala Lumpur to review their new menu, I was prepared to cancel my own wedding not to miss it! Nadodi KL easily sits among the finest restaurants i…