Meridians, Japanese Healing Arts, Mont Kiara

Meridians, Japanese Healing Arts, Mont Kiara

It’s Friday afternoon. Raining. We’ve been in bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour. I’m stressed. I’m not going to make my appointment on time. (I’m Australian. Punctual. Hate to disappoint.) I call Meridians and apologize, offering to
reschedule. First Bill answers. His soothing voice reassures. Then Oran speaks. Instant calm. “It’s okay. You’ll be here soon.” Traffic clears and we arrive.

Meridians is the only place in Kuala Lumpur specializing in Japanese healing arts. Their signature therapies focus on the body’s energy channels, “qi” or the Meridians, hence the name of the centre.
Warmed incense oil purifies the air and the trickle of a water fountain calms it. Traditional Japanese design brings an aesthetic of clean lines and minimalism. Natural woods and shoji screens keep simplicity at the forefront, while potted plants and running water connect to nature.  From the spacious reception, a hallway leads to four treatment areas – two futon lain spaces for Zen Shiatsu and two bedded chambers for Acupuncture and Warm Bamboo Therapy.

I’m here for Zen Shiatsu, hoping for some preventative treatment for my migraines. Hubby is here for Japanese Acupuncture, seeking relief for lower back pain.

Zen Shiatsu
Meridians is the only centre in Kuala Lumpur to offer authentic Zen Shiatsu. Performed on a futon bed, the practice focuses on balancing the body’s energy paths. Through very light touch on key areas of the body, it is designed to relieve stress, fatigue and muscle tension.
Dressed in cotton fisherman’s pants and shirt I lay prone on the floor mattress. A thin covering of paper towel ensures hygiene, and my therapist too is wearing a face mask, supplying further sanitation. Bill’s serene voice, “Just relax. Sleep if you like. I’ll take care of the rest,” acts as a sedative as I sink deeper into the soft bedding.
An hour passes and I’m at ease. Tranquil. Clear-headed.
Hubby meanwhile participates in an initial consultation with Oran before moving into his treatment.
Meridians, Japanese Healing Arts, Solaris, Mont Kiara
Japanese Acupuncture Treatment Room
Japanese Acupuncture
Meridians is the only place in Asia, outside of Japan, that provides Toyohari-Style acupuncture. Sometimes known as “touch needling,” it’s a non-invasive technique where blunt silver, gold or other metal rods are simply touched to the skin, without penetrating it.  It’s perfect for those wanting to experiment with alternative medicines but who are fearful of needles.
It is however, most effective when combined with traditional acupuncture. Working to treat both root (cause) and branch (symptoms), a combination of styles provides a holistic approach to healing.
Manakas Ying Yang Channel Balancing Therapy, was developed by Dr. Manaka, a Japanese MD in the 1930s. A wide variety of tactics are employed such as using north and south magnets, a variety of metals, and his own inventions such as ion pumping cords and electrostatic absorbers. The needles used are extremely fine and hubby
reports that he didn’t feel a thing.
Warm Bamboo
Warm Bamboo is another signature Meridians’ treatment. Utilizing a bamboo tube filled with moza wool, the material is ignited which warms the bamboo and is then tapped, pressed or rolled rhythmically on the skin. The rounded bamboo lends itself to very rhythmic movements, which allows tapping at just the right frequency. Hubby reports that the warmth, aroma and hypnotic sounds of the metronome (used for precise timing) lulled him into a state of restfulness.
In addition to the above treatments, Meridians is a learning centre, presenting courses in Warm Bamboo and Shonishin (infant massage). Prices for Acupuncture and Shonishin treatments are RM160 for adults and RM100 for children.  Shiatsu is valued at RM125 for 60 minutes, or a quicker option, in the form of Chair Shiatsu, is available for RM35 for 15 minutes. A 20 – 25 minute session of Warm Bamboo is a good investment at RM80.
Leaving, we feel ever so thankful for the expertise of the warm and knowledgeable Oran and Bill. Hubby is already planning a follow up treatment for his lower back, and I have a good feeling that I will be migraine-free this weekend.
Reason to visit: unique health treatments from Japan, needleless acupuncture, Zen Shiatsu, Warm Bamboo and the peaceful presence of both Oran and Bill
3-3a Jalan Solaris
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 6211 8817
Open Tuesday (Shiatsu only) to Saturday, 9am – 7pm.
Acupuncture available Wednesday to Saturday
Undercover parking is available for only RM1 for three hours.

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  1. Hi Monica,

    Firstly it's interesting to something not tied to food, and I'm wondering if you're ok 😉

    Second, how did the preventive treatment for the migraines go? I am also a migraine sufferer from time to time and I've tried many things to help it, deep breathing being the most effective for me.

    Duncan In Kuantan
    Kuantan nature photos

    • Hi Duncan,

      I have tried just about everything in regards to migraines. Personally my first choice is always lifestyle adjustments – diet, exercise, life/ work balance. Second – conventional medicine – I've tried it all but refuse to go on long term medication. My last choice is alternative medicine – this is not my usual thing but I thought this post would be an interesting twist on my spa coverage. Hubby however, probably does things in the exact reverse that I do. I was actually migraine free for the weekend, so… Zen Shiatsu – I'd give it a second try.

      Hope your migraines are not too frequent.


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