Classic Margherita Pizza

Craft Pizza, Fat Slice and Big Pie Artisan Pizza in the Great Eastern Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Words: Hannah Staley    Photos: Monica Tindall

Having spent my honeymoon in Italy I often feel a sense of nostalgia for the quintessential pizzeria experience. Simple, but inviting eateries set amongst the busy streets offering delicious food, excellent service and value for money. Whilst KL doesn’t have a shortage of pizza places I feel it can sometimes be hard to find one that ticks all these boxes. Yet, the recently opened Craft Pizza (nestled on the lower ground floor of the ever improving Great Eastern Mall) seems to be the answer to my sentimental cravings: modern artisan pizzas made using homemade dough topped with fresh quality premium ingredients at affordable prices with the option to eat in, take away, or place an order for delivery.

Craft Pizza, Great Eastern Mall
Craft Pizza Great Eastern Mall

On this particular visit Monica and I choose the dine in option parking ourselves at one of the tables in the clean, white, ample seating area and debate which ‘fat slice’ from the well thought out menu we want to try first. Italian born owner, Lorenzo, greets us with a firm friendly handshake and warm welcoming smile, explaining his passion for pizza and how he has ‘loved cooking from a very early age’. The focus of his venture is great food without the wait using top quality ingredients.

The colours from the Vegetarian Rainbow (Slice RM9.90, Pie 12” RM37.90, Pie 17” RM71.90) are calling. Bell peppers, carrot, sweet corn, broccoli, eggplant, red beet, purple cabbage and mozzarella provide a kaleidoscope of colours in one mouthwatering bite. The base is thin, faintly chewy and not at all heavy. A true testament to its freshness.

Craft Pizza, Great Eastern Mall
Vegetarian Rainbow Pizza
Craft Pizza, Great Eastern Mall
Pizza + Drink RM4.90

Wild Mushroom (Slice RM10.90, Pie 12” RM41.90, Pie 17” RM78.90) combines porcini mushrooms, wild rocket, shaved parmesan, tomato and mozzarella. The combination of earthy mushrooms, creamy Parmesan and intense rocket provide a deliciously flavoursome experience.

Craft Pizza, Great Eastern Mall
Wild Mushroom Pizza

We finish our pizza adventure with everyone’s favorite the classic Margherita (Slice RM7.90, Pie 12” RM29.90, Pie 17” RM56.90). This pizza has the perfect balance of cherry tomatoes, basil, tomatoes and mozzarella ensuring this combination of simple yet high quality ingredients is bursting with flavor down to the last bite. Our ‘fat slices’ are washed down with a homemade ice tea that is the epitome of refreshing and not overly sweet.

Craft Pizza, Great Eastern Mall
Classic Margherita Pizza

We didn’t have time to sample the wide array of toppings on offer, but Lorenzo and his team have put together a fun and colourful menu even offering his childhood treat Sweet Delice with Nutella, mixed nuts and icing sugar… a new one for me and I make a mental note to give it a try next time.

Pizzas are obviously the highlight at Craft Pizza, but with catering towards the office crowd as well as shoppers, they also offer hot dogs (chicken, beef or lamb), burgers, soft serve ice cream with a delicious selection of toppings and great value meal-deals (burger + drink + soft serve for RM9.90 anyone?)

We leave delighted by the experience but also thankful to be continuing our day without the greasy feeling you sometimes get from overindulging in lesser quality pizzas. The Wild Mushroom was my favourite. Monica being unable to choose puts an order in for a half and half to go. My honeymoon may be over but whenever I next crave true Italian pizza it pleases me to know that I can take a stroll down memory lane straight to Craft Pizza… Bellissimo!

Craft Pizza, Great Eastern Mall
Salmon Pizza – A Takeaway for Hubby

Reasons to visit: Excellent value for money meal deals, premium quality ingredients, casual atmosphere providing a perfect shopping pit stop.

Craft Pizza
303 Jalan Ampang
Great Eastern Mall LG Level Lot 6
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+6 (0)3 4265 5521

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  1. Wow, what a lovely looking place! The pizza looks delicious! Even though I love salmon I wouldn’t be tempted by the salmon pizza…however, the wild mushroom pizza looks like something I would love to try! I prefer thin crust but I like to try even the thick crusted pizza if the flavour looks appealing to me, and the wild mushroom fits that bill. The vegetarian rainbow pizza is very colourful!

  2. Oh wow, that’s the prettiest pizza I’ve ever seen, Monica! Happy week, babe! xoxo

  3. Ooo….I didn’t know that there’s a new pizza place here. Yay, one more dining option when I’m here to stock up on my pet’s snacks (there aren’t many in this mall). I usually have my pizza fix at Alexis when I’m here but this one offers pizzas by the slices. Pizza + drink @ RM4.90… that for real! 🙂

  4. My Goodness – dear those pizzas are piece of art – They look so yummy… Happy week

  5. The vegetarian rainbow pizza would be the perfect treat for me ♥

  6. Very colourful, indeed…but I’d stick to the salmon or the margherita.

  7. Good pizza in a shopping mall – revolutionary =) Great for those of us who often need somewhere easy (but relatively healthy) to feed the kids!