Wagyu Beef Burger

Botanica + Co Alila, New Restaurant Bangsar

Monica Tindall Botanica + Co Alila has opened its doors in Alila, Bangsar’s latest luxury hotel. KLites will know the original from Bangsar South and be pleased to know that the attractive cheery, leafy green design with high ceilings and natural light has carr…

Cafe Hop Melawati

Café Hop Melawati, Melawati Coffee Shops

Monica Tindall It’s an exciting time for Melawati. The once sleepy town is seeing a boom in development and along with that the growth of some hot independent cafés. Backed by the Melawati Ridge and lush forest, the suburb maintains a good mix of old and new and of…

Banana Waffle

Playground Coffeery, Cafe in Taman Melawati

Monica Tindall The sunflower-yellow façade of Playground Coffeery brightens up an otherwise old set of shop houses in Taman Melawati. Upon opening, this Melawati cafe initially focused on coffee and toast. They’ve since tossed out the toast, brought in waf…